Special Studies in International Relations: International Relations of East and Southeast Asia

Description: Lecture, three or four hours; discussion, one hour (when scheduled). Requisites: two courses in Field II, or course 20 and one course in Field II. Designed for juniors/seniors. Intensive examination of one or more special problems appropriate to international relations. Sections offered on regular basis, with topics announced in preceding term. May be repeated for credit with topic change. P/NP or letter grading.

Units: 4.0
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Overall Rating 4.2
Easiness 3.5/ 5
Clarity 3.7/ 5
Workload 3.8/ 5
Helpfulness 3.7/ 5
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Fall 2022 - This class is divided into 3 main parts. Quizzes, Midterm, Final. *Each point in the class = 1 percent, 100 points in all assignments combined 1. Quizzes (60% of your grade): There are a total of 16 quizzes in the class, and just for doing it you got .5 (so 8% and points are given for just completion). Each quiz is between 3-4 questions and the quizzes all add up to a total of 58 questions over 16 quizzes. However, the final grade only accounts for 52 points. So, you get 6 points of "extra credit" to use as a RETAINER for points you miss thru the quarter. This means if you miss 7 questions, you will get 51/52 on your quiz total. However, this cant be used as extra credit, so if you get all 58 questions right, your quiz score will end up as 52/52 not 58/52. It is a retainer that can only help you reach up to 100% and not more. 2. Midterm & Final @ 20 points each: She gives 2 prompts a week in advance for you to prepare for. It is a handwritten argument essay, done in-class with a 75 minute timer in a blue book. She does not allow any electronic sources, outlines, notes. She lets you bring in the readings because you need to cite sources in the argument, but you can not annotate them. You may HIGHLIGHT ONLY. You need to print these out for both prompts. ***advice: only print pages that you wanna use quotes from, overprinting entire 30 page sources is gonna get you lost flipping thru the pages*** It is stressful but not impossible, The average is usually 80-85 on both. I got a 82 on the first one and a 88 on the second one and my writing was pretty consistent on both. She doesnt give out 100 on the midterm or final. highest was 19.5/20 but that was very rare, which she also said that. so expect a 16-18 on them! If you do the quizzes and do as well as the majority on the midterm and final, you will get an A. To be honest, I didnt do the reading after week 2 because she covers it in lecture WHICH YOU NEED TO ATTEND! Take pics of her slides because the quizzes cover almost everything from the slides, which include lecture content and the important parts of the reading. The lectures are awesome and she is a great lecturer. Sometimes it was hard to understand her through her mask & accent sitting in the back, so I recommend getting to class earlier to get a good seat since there is usually over 100 students in the class. Content-wise I learned alot, main focus was China-US relations, Taiwan, and the South China Sea but she touched on all of Asia. It was boring at times but if you are passionate about international politics in a comparative approach, you will enjoy this class as I did. No matter the class, the readings get boring and so does the content but it can still be enjoyable. It is not vital to do the reading for the quizzes but SUPER important to do them and highlight for the midterm and final. I never read for the quizzes but probably read the entire course's readings in the two weeks I studied for the midterm and final lol.
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