Latino Politics in U.S.

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This is the dumbest political science class I have ever taken. The professor is extremely unclear, egotistical, and unengaging for the most part. The first day of class, he spoke for literally an hour about how he founded this Latino research organization, which is actually really cool if he didn't constantly toot his own horn about it. He also bragged for 30 min about how he was close personal friends with every presidential candidate and that he was planning to bring multiple of them in to talk to us, which is honestly the main reason I stayed in the class. However, he never brought any of them despite giving us specific dates and candidates who were supposed to come. His lectures are extremely boring and overly broad, yet the final contained ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE questions about specific percentages and numbers. It was just a regurgitation of extremely specific facts, and you could tell he wrote the test quickly and without much thought because there were many typos. Many of the questions didn't even make sense or were worded confusingly, so people had to consistently ask the TAs for clarification. Furthermore, his final project requires you to use STATA, make graphs, and put it in a powerpoint. There was literally no good reason for us to use STATA for this project, and the day he was supposed to teach us how to use it he had reserved the wrong rooms and literally 100 people didn't have a seat and couldn't learn how to use it. He was EXTREMELY unclear about instructions for the final project and only gave 2 sentences of clarification on his syllabus. My TA didn't give us any extra information, but apparently a different TA provided their group with examples, so it was uneven across the board. Lastly, for the deadline, he extended it without letting my TA know, so everyone was really confused for a day during finals week when we all have other stuff going on. He provides a lot of extra credit opportunities, which is rare at UCLA, however most of them are in DTLA or further and on weekdays, so they're hard to get to when you're a student and working. I enrolled in this class because I was interested in learning about Latino politics, and all I got was a bunch of graphs, his boring ass voice lecturing over and over, and and a test/project that had nothing to do with knowledge that would be useful in the future.

Fall Quarter 2019
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