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Winter 2023 - TLDR: pick a different professor if you can Stigler was an okay professor... It was a flipped classroom where we used a thing called Jupyter Notebook through bruinlearn to learn R and then during lecture, he would just code on a separate website and we would just have to copy it down and submit it. The class is super easy when it comes to completing work and submitting things but when it comes to the tests everything is different. All we did during class and homework was code R, but the test would ask questions about statistics. None of it felt connected and I never knew what to expect on a test because the first midterm was super easy multiple choice but then the second midterm and final were multiple choice questions based on the code we make. Unfortunately, I ended with a C- so I have to retake the class for my major which is annoying because my friends who took 100A this quarter with the other professor said it was the easiest class ever. Stigler also would be really rude to his students when they didn't participate, he would just pick on people and say "you answer this because I made eye contact with you" or he would just make mean and snarky remarks about how no one is participating but its literally just because no one has any idea what is going on. There are two grading schemes, they try both and then apply the one that gives you the higher grade. Method 1: homework (10%), midterm 1 (20%), midterm 2 (25%), final (40%), Jupyter (5%) Method 2: homework (10%), midterm 1 (20%), midterm 2 (30%), final (40%), Jupyter (0%) 1% extra credit if you participate in a study but according to him, he only does this sometimes.
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