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Overall 4.3 Easiness 2.8 Workload 3.2 Clarity 4.3 Helpfulness 4.1

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So this is my first BruinWalk review. I think BruinWalk is very misleading IMO because you have a lot of people on the extremes who don't necessarily narrate an accurate description of the average student. I am a 4th year and one of the only Black women in my major. I read the reviews for this class and they were positive so I enrolled. I was at the point of my collegiate career where I couldn't withstand anymore "stereotypical" pre-med classes, where the students and teaching style was built on survival of the fittest. That had been my whole UCLA experience being that there's less than 1% Black STEM folk.

First the testing style:
She treats you like an adult and I love it. It's 50% term paper and 50% final exam. The term paper can be on anything you like that is either focused on the how drugs affect the brain/behavior, the effects of a psychotropic drug, and there is one more category. I choose the effect of marijuana on anxiety, which is so relevant because how many people think that smoking a joint has no implications - WRONG! I learned a lot by doing this paper. I kept my writing very organized and didn't interweave topics. You have to talk about animal and human models which is pretty dope.

The final exam is culmative - SO TAKE GOOD NOTES. I think in many classes is hard to build rapport with a professor but going to her office hours is really relaxed and she will answer any questions. I always was afraid of professors so I just choose to always skip them, but I had a wonderful experience in this class that definitely taught me the importance of going to office hours. There is this myth that Professor are so indulged in their research that they won't help you. I will challenge that and say that students are fearful to build relationship with the professor because of the dialogue us students exchange with each other.

As for the professor the class is doable - you can get an A/B if you put in the work. She sets it up for you to be successful if you want to be. She even gives you a study guide for the final that helps you adequately prepare.

This course won't be offered winter 2018, so make sure to take it Winter 2019! Amazing class and professor. It truly analyzes the intersection between psychology, neuroscience, and pharmacology.

Winter Quarter 2017
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