Special Topics in Sociology: Sociology of Race and Ethnicity: Considering University

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Overall 5.0 Easiness 4.0 Workload 4.0 Clarity 4.2 Helpfulness 4.2

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Is she the easy A you're looking for? Absolutely not, but she is a great professor who will try to help you if you work with her. For my class, many people did not like her and found her unhelpful, but in reality, those were the same students who did not attend our live meets or did not make any effort to meet with her during her office hours. As a class, we asked for an extension for our midterm and asked for her to cut down the page limit, and she did. She is very understanding and helpful If you do your part. This course is HEAVY in reading and writing. Your total grade depends on 3 assignments the midterm, a reflection about the class readings, and a final group project (which can be done alone). As long as you read the weekly readings and meet with her during her office hours to discuss your questions, you should be fine. If you slack off and give 20% of your energy, you probably will not pass. I loved her class and would definitely retake it with her if I went back in time. However, her TA's are not helpful what so ever. If you are confused about the class readings and need help to understand, I would not suggest meeting with the TA's because they will confuse you even more. I would suggest speaking to Dr. Brown directly via email or during her office hours because the TA's are just as clueless as the students are.

Fall Quarter 2020
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