Statistical Methods for Physical Sciences


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Overall Rating 3.8
Easiness 2.5/ 5
Clarity 2.5/ 5
Workload 2.0/ 5
Helpfulness 4.2/ 5
Most Helpful Review
I am currently pursuing a graduate degree in a quantitative background and I can honestly say that Professor Esfandiari was one of the best professors I had during my years at UCLA. Much of what she has taught me (and this goes for the other professors in the stats. dept. as well) has helped me succeed this far in my graduate program. She really tries to teach you the fundamental ideas of what you are learning and why its important. Statistics isn't just a bunch of memorization that you cram the day before the test and regurgitate everything the day after only to forget it several days later. I think those who have a distaste for this professor fail to realize that. Additionally, it surprises me to see so many unnecessary slurs about the professors at UCLA about their accents, way of teaching, or the way they present themselves. I truly do not know how you go into this university--my hypothesis would be you probably had the very same foreign people write you your application essays or take your SAT's for you to get into the university. You are representing a university that is filled with diversity and culture- please remember that. Any who, you have evaluations at the end of the quarter to let them know how they did. Be mature and take the time to let them know what you thought of their teaching. They do take it seriously and appreciate the feedback. I'll end with this and say if you are willing to do the work and are actually interested in learning the subject of statistics, Esfandiari is right for you.
Overall Rating 3.8
Easiness 2.3/ 5
Clarity 3.3/ 5
Workload 2.5/ 5
Helpfulness 3.5/ 5
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