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Anahid Keshishian

Student Research Program

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Anahid Keshishian

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Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted Sept. 25, 2015 Grade Received: N/A

"LIFE CHANGING" is a great term used to describe Dr. Keshishian. She has all the components of what a professor should be. I have had so many professors throughout my time here at UCLA and non have motivated me more than Dr. Keshishian. I have taken all of the Intermediate and Advanced Armenian classes that she offers; therefore, I hope for my opinion to have a weight on your decision.

Knowledgable. When you take her language and literature classes you are learning BEYOND language and literature--you are learning life, culture, art, philosophy, personal skills, etc. I have yet to meet another professor as knowledgable about so many different topics as Dr. Keshishian.

Availability. Dr. Keshishian is prompt and in return she expects the same. If you are in UCLA I expect you to be professional, and if you are not, you will learn to become in this class. This is a very important skill that everyone is going to require from you post-graduation. In addition, Dr. Keshishian goes out of her way to help anyone that needs assistance (both class related and generally). Throughout my three years of taking classes with her, not once have I met someone who claimed otherwise. Honestly, her level of availability is unheard of in UCLA. Often times, even if you do not let her know that you are having difficulty with something, she will be the one reaching out to you (name another professor in this institution that has done/ or will do that).

Fairness. Dr. Keshishian is extremely fair, it does not matter if you lack knowledge of the Armenian alphabet or have mastered it, she tries (and successfully does) bring everyone to the same level. Basically, everyone will get out of her class knowing SO much more than they knew, regardless of their status coming in.

Dr. Keshishian has motivated me, and many others that I have met throughout my time here at UCLA. What she offers is irreplaceable, her teachings will strengthen you in your field of study (no matter what that field is), and in life.

As many have said before me, if you do not take her class (at least once), you UCLA experience will truly be incomplete. Trust me.

Positivity and enlightenment fill EVERY single class.

Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted Sept. 24, 2015 Grade Received: N/A

Professor Keshishian has been one of the very few professors who has truly touched my heart and instilled in me not only passion for learning Armenian, but also passion for literature and art in general. Her amazing character coupled with her great intellect has also inspired me to become more aware of my surroundings whether they relate to education, art, or the overall society.

Her style of teaching is unlike any other. She brings forward insightful ideas into the course and opens up conversations through which students not only practice their Armenian speaking skills, but also learn to think about such ideas IN Armenian.

It is because of professor Keshishian that I am now able to speak, write, and TYPE in Armenian without feeling embarrassed. I will forever be thankful to her for also giving me a base for knowing the Armenian history and culture, through which I am now able to feel a great sense of belonging in the Armenian community.

Everyone, regardless of the amount of their knowledge in Armenian, should take at least one of her courses. I assure you that it will be life-changing.

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