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Overall 3.9 Easiness 3.3 Workload 4.1 Clarity 3.5 Helpfulness 3.3

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Professor Ainsworth is one of the realest professors out there. Every word that comes out of his mouth is genuine. He talks to us as if we are normal people, not just students. He makes his lectures very interactive; it's like he is having a conversation with us. Although some are annoyed by his personal anecdotes, I actually appreciate them.

Your grade will consist of Participation, Quizzes, Midterm, Final.
Participation + Quizzes are practically free points if you attend all lectures. He will drop 1 Participation grade if you miss a day, as well as one quiz if you miss one. He says he stresses attending lecture and actually doing the quiz more than getting a good score on the quiz; and he means it. It doesn't matter if you do bad on the quizzes because he has a formula where what mostly all that matters is being present and completing the quiz (confusing I know, but it will make sense towards the end of the class).
The midterm and final consist of True/False, Multiple Choice, and Free Response questions. He says the Midterm and Final are difficult exams. I agree, but what will save you is the EXTRA CREDIT. On each exam, he has extra credit questions at the end. Do them ALL. The reason they're so valuable is because he adds on the extra credit AFTER he curves the class. For the exams, make sure you know the 7 hypothesis testing steps. Study and know the lecture slides in and out, because there are conceptual true/false and multiple choice questions that can be difficult if you don't know the concepts well. That being said, for our class, he actually doubled the amount of points the multiple choice was worth, so doing well on the multiple choice was more important than the free response (Multiple Choice: 25 questions, 50 points... while Free Response was 25 points).
Aside from extra credit on exams, he has two more extra credit opportunities. One being participating in SONA, and another being completing his survey towards the end of the class. Do both. They're worth about ~3% of your grade, and they are easy points.
Overall, I really liked Dr. Ainsworth. He is a funny person and will take time to answer students' questions thoroughly.

(Summer Quarter 2016)
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