Introduction to Plant Biology

Ann Hirsch

Introduction to Plant Biology

Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology department

Ann Hirsch

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Dr. Hirsch is one of the best lecturers I've had here at UCLA. She is really super passionate about the subject and she brings the class candies and fruits when we were having lecturers related to these subjects. She even took us to a trip to the botanical gardens and the green house. Her lectures are really well organized and easy to follow. She is extremely helpful during office hours. The class is really fun in general. The only thing is that it isn't really curved. This shouldn't be a reason you should decide to miss out cause the tests aren't hard at all, although our second midterm was a little confusing cause the questions seem to be a little random. But overall, just studying the lectures for 20min a night will be a sure way to achieve success. There's no way to acquire all the info the night before. Overall, I highly recommend taking professor Hirsch cause it's really fun and it's not hard, it's more interesting. Discussions are a little frustrating sometimes cause the TA gives points for answering and basically whoever raises their hand first gets the point and honestly, some people are just not aggressive in that respect.

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