Anne Bresnock

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Easiness 1.4/ 5
Clarity 2.9/ 5
Workload 1.4/ 5
Helpfulness 2.7/ 5
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When I think Bresnock, the phrase "insufferable, disgusting, useless hag" comes to mind. This woman is the most vile professor I've ever come accross. I'm amazed they let her teach Econ 1 as well, must be useful for weeding out those who expect decent professors in the Econ dept. The department as a whole is comprised of completely useless professors, but Bresnock takes the cake when it comes to face to face interaction. Don't bother going to her office hours to ask homework questions, she'll just stare at you and tell you she can't answer because the homework is graded. Never mind the fact that her exams are BASED on the homeworks, so if you don't understand the homework, you're screwed for the exams. If you just email her you might get lucky and have her email you a useful answer, but don't count on it and definately don't bother going to office hours. As her for her lecture style, going to class is hardly useful since she literally reads off the notes she posts for students online. The only reason I went to lecture is because she sometimes had graphs that weren't completely filled out on the online notes so you had to fill them out from overhead exposures in class (on that notes, who still uses overheads???) She does post a ton of practice problems and a few previous homeworks which is kind of helpful but she doesn't necessarily test on the same material as before. The breakdown of the class was a midterm, 1 final, 4 GRADED homeworks, and a 3 page book review of a 350 page book. Mind you this was a summer class, be warned that it's a lot of busy work and Bresnock is all around a minion of the Anti-Christ.
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