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Overall 4.2
Easiness of class 4.2
Workload 3.3
Not Clear
Clarity of professor 4.6
Not Helpful
Helpfulness of professor 4.4
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NURSING 10, taken Fall 2018 Submitted Nov. 2, 2018 Grade Received: A-

This class is dull, but the expectations are clear and she really makes an effort to get to know us and to allow us to get to know each other. It's not really her fault that the class is rough, the material itself is too abstract. She's great though!

NURSING 10, taken Fall 2020 Submitted Feb. 12, 2021 Grade Received: A

Honestly, the other reviews are pretty spot on. Dr. Salem is incredibly professional, very clear of her expectations, and incredibly organized. Not difficult, but a heavy workload. Expect to spend as much time on it as other 4-5 unit classes.
Dr. Salem is very helpful and does want her students to succeed.

NURSING 10, taken Winter 2018 Submitted Sept. 29, 2019 Grade Received: N/A

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NURSING 10, taken Fall 2019 Submitted Dec. 17, 2019 Grade Received: A-

Dr. Salem is incredibly professional and direct in what she expects from her students, and she does take into consideration the comments and concerns of her class as well.
This class percentage consists of two quizzes, two individual assignments, and one group project that is broken up into three assignments you turn in at different dates.
What I liked about Dr. Salem's grading process is that she actually gives you the rubrics she and her TAs use to grade the assignments, and this was incredibly helpful because it helps you tailor your paper to what is actually important.
The quizzes (one is a "midterm" and the other is the "final") are very easy and not cumulative; just memorize the study guide and you'll get an A!
Another interesting aspect of this class is that she has "nurse interviews" where nurses come in and present to the class what it is that they do and what their journey was in order to get to where they are now. You are even able to ask questions afterwards which is great because this is something we may not get a chance to do until a few quarters later.
All in all, this is a pretty easy going class--just make sure to do your assignments before the deadlines and don't wait to do the study guides until the last minute!

NURSING 20, taken Winter 2020 Submitted March 23, 2020 Grade Received: A+

The structure of this class is essentially the same for Intro to Nursing and Social Justice I; this class is the "second part."
She still has nurse interviews where she invites nurses from different specialty areas and has them present. Usually for every class, Dr. Salem has you fill out an evaluation sheet for the lecturer of the week, answer 2-4 questions regarding the material discussed, and maybe an activity sheet (not difficult, can be done as the lecturer is presenting).

You need the main textbook (the light blue and black one) for the class but you can use the online version of it on the UCLA Library database (that's what I did). She lists another textbook but there's just one study guide that has questions regarding that textbook and that's it, so if there's a way you can get the answers to those questions without having to waste the money buying the whole book, I'd recommend doing that.

There are four assignments--two of them are self assignments/essays, the third one is a group project, and the fourth assignment is assembling an electronic portfolio.

There are two quizzes for this class as well, but she provides the study guides every week so as long as you fill them out, you are good to go!

NURSING 10, taken Fall 2020 Submitted Jan. 1, 2021 Grade Received: A

Professor Salem is very clear about her class expectations and what needs to be done. The syllabus outlines the grading scale and every assignment in detail. The two quizzes in this class are very straight forward and she provides a study guide. This class is not difficult, but the workload is a bit heavy for 2 units. Overall, its a fun class that helps you get to know your cohort and you shouldn't be stressed about taking it.

NURSING 10, taken Fall 2020 Submitted Feb. 17, 2021 Grade Received: A-

She prides herself on being responsive and really listens to her students! I will say it is a lot of work for only 2 credits but she makes the class very engaging!

NURSING 20, taken Winter 2021 Submitted March 25, 2021 Grade Received: A+

Dr. Salem is an incredibly supportive and flexible professor. She really takes your input into consideration and changes parts of the course based on student feedback. During this pandemic, when the students were stressed from other midterms, she moved our project deadline to the following week. The course is extremely similar to N10: a few essays, a group project, two quizzes, and weekly discussion worksheets. Although this class is only 2 units, treat it as if its a regular 4 unit class because you will have a decent amount of busy work. With Dr. Salem, N20 shouldn't be a class you are stressed about taking.

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