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Betsy Stovall

Analysis Techniques

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Betsy Stovall

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Going into this class, i was really nervous. I'm a math/econ major and lets be honest, not many people are fans of the really proofy classes. And this is one of them. I took Betsy her first quarter as a professor, she was relatively new, but SUPER NICE!

She spent a couple of days making sure that we understood the 'lingo' of the proofs and negations and simple stuff that you would think wasn't necessary but turned out to be very helpful. When she did proofs in class, they were always different from the book. Some people could see that as bad, but it helped a lot because you got to see 2 approaches rather than just 1. She was thorough and when people asked questions, she would spend the time making sure that you understood it.

Obviously, this class is an upper div proofs class. So no matter what GO TO OFFICE HOURS! The TA's and the professors. She was very welcoming and if you went in with started homework and she saw that you got the basic idea, she helps you and explains what is working and what isn't. Plus she was just a really cool person to talk to. I still keep in touch with her and i took her class a year ago.

As for the midterms (which i'm sure is the reason you are reading this) the first was really fair. We hadn't covered too many topics and i got an A on it before the curve, with some serious studying of the proofs we covered in class. The second one, we had at least 10 topics to cover but there were only 4 questions on the midterm. Let's just say no one did really well just because there was only 4 topics covered out of the 10. The final, I'm not going to lie, it was difficult. But it was doable if you learned what to study from her midterms. She's always very fair and if you ever have a question about something she'll answer it during the test. One thing I definitely noticed is that she likes to go over proofs in class that are relatively difficult, but really important. Those were the ones taht would end up on the test. She would probably do around 50-60 proofs in class, and at least one of them was on the test if not something really similar.

The class itself is difficult, so going in you should know that. Betsy is a great professor and really helpful with ANY AND ALL questions you have, in class or outside of class. I would take her again in a heartbeat!

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