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Clinical Psychology Laboratory Full Profile > 3.8 Overall 2.8 Easiness 2.8 Workload 3.8 Clarity 3.6 Helpfulness
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Clinical Psychology Laboratory See Full Profile

Overall 3.8 Easiness 2.8 Workload 2.8 Clarity 3.8 Helpfulness 3.6

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Abnormal Psychology See Full Profile

Overall 4.2 Easiness 3.0 Workload 2.9 Clarity 4.0 Helpfulness 3.8

Most Helpful Review

I absolutely LOVE Dr. Chorpita.
I commute to UCLA from Pasadena so I have to wake up at 5 am twice a week to get to his 8 am class and guess what? I do it without thinking twice.
His lectures are funny and engaging and the way he teaches makes you remember everything long term.
He guides you through the material for the midterm/final so that you know what to focus on but you obviously still need to study so don't take it lightly.
I was scared of taking Abnormal Psych but honestly, this class has been my favorite so far at UCLA and I recommend it to everyone!!!

(Spring Quarter 2018)
Abnormal Psychology: Developmental Perspectives See Full Profile

Overall 5.0 Easiness 4.7 Workload 5.0 Clarity 5.0 Helpfulness 5.0

Most Helpful Review

Great, engaging lecture.
Easy extra credits.
2 Participation points (1 in class and 1 in discussion section). Only have 1 point from discussion section and didn't affect grade too much.
Quizzes are easy if you pay attention in lecture and note what is important.
Be sure to go to exam review to know what's on the test!

(Spring Quarter 2019)
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