Carroll Johnson

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Overall Rating 2.6
Easiness 1.0/ 5
Clarity 3.4/ 5
Workload 1.2/ 5
Helpfulness 2.4/ 5
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I can honestly say that if you are given a choice, do not take this professor. Reasons being: 1. As everyone else has stated he is in fact arrogant. At the begining of class he asks simple questions about trivial details about the books. After this for 2 hrs no break and getting out late, its him translating the book for you at a snail's pace. He does not stop to make sure the class understands and I get the feeling that he loves the power trip he gets. 2. Do not expect to get any greater significance from these books ie analysis. This class offers great profoundly descriptive books involving human psychology, the battle between good and evil taken place in the old days. Great books, but the Prof simply translates parts of the book for us without giving a more general view of the significance. He skips around and does not wait for the class to follow where he is indeed translating and expects you to magically know he just went from pg 1 to pg 10. Therefore from class you will receive a general idea of what goes on in the books u read, but the reading is really up to you. 3. This class is all golden age spanish, so its comparable to reading shakespeare only now in spanish. The majority of the words are not in the dictionary and he does not offer help in reading the old spanish. 4. Hard grader. 2 papers both of which were fair and on relevant topics. He comes down with the ax on grammer so try and get a native speaker to proof read your essay because although I tackled the topics on both essays, grammer threw my papers down to 2 b-. The final is extremely fair, can be written in english or spanish, 2 questions, 1 was a passage to analyze. The other was an analysis on all the books we read, It was a good final. 5. Reccomendation: In Powell and YRL you can find the english translations, if you are not native get them!!! Its really helpful to go from reading spanish to english in case you get lost. Overall: He gives good material. He doesnt care if you know the material, could care less. He belittles you when you ask questions. Doesnt help to obtain a greater significance of what you read as the course is intended to. Dont take him! The first day we went over a 5 page (each page was really 1/2 page due to the comments at the bottom) in over an hr.
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