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LING 20, taken Winter 2019 Submitted March 27, 2019 Grade Received: A+

TL;DR - I really enjoyed this class and highly recommend it to those who are interested in linguistics or want to major in it or something related (like one of the ling & ______ dual majors). If you aren't interested, you'll probably find this class tedious and boring.

Prof. Schutze is extremely thorough (sometimes a little unnecessarily so) in his explanations of course material and answers to students' questions, as well as corrections to the textbook content and study guide answers. He also sticks to the syllabus schedule very closely. The TAs are also very organized and welcoming of questions.

I found that whatever was confusing to me during lecture was always cleared up for me in discussion section through asking questions and doing practice exercise, so it's extremely valuable and worthwhile to go to discussion every week, ESPECIALLY because it helps a lot on the homework too (which is worth nearly half your grade).

Make sure you do your homework thoroughly and ask classmates/friends for help (or even if you're sure of your answers, just double-check with them so you can maximize your points)! Do the psych pool EC experiments early on in the quarter (I finished all of mine by Week 5)!

LING 20, taken Fall 2019 Submitted Dec. 5, 2019 Grade Received: N/A

Professor's lecture are dry, difficult to pay attention in class. However, course materials were organized and his lecture slides were very helpful. Weekly homeworks take a ton of time to do, and the answers that the professor is looking for is super specific. It is difficult to not get a ton of points marked off on the homeworks. I also believe that the textbook should not be required for this class. The professor always makes a bunch of edits that override the information found in the textbook, thereby causing a lot of confusion to me and other students.

LING 20, taken Winter 2019 Submitted June 16, 2019 Grade Received: A

I found Professor Schutze to be a rather slow and boring lecturer. His slides are great, so if you find him to be too boring you could probably get by with the slides he emails everyone before class.

LING 20, taken Winter 2019 Submitted June 6, 2019 Grade Received: A+

I found Professor Schutze to be a really boring and confusing lecturer, but the class wasn't that hard. The homeworks can be long, so it's really helpful to find someone to check your answers with. There's 3% extra credit for studies.

LING 20, taken Winter 2019 Submitted March 31, 2019 Grade Received: A

I have to say I was a bit nervous for this class just because I heard about how time-consuming ling20 (for any professor) can be. However, the class' pace and the homework was all very fair and straightforward.

I do think Schutze is a phenomenal lecturer. He presents the information clearly and concisely. The only issue I had was that I wish he touched more on the conceptional information in the class (since the final in particular is concept-heavy).

Discussions do help when you're confused. I just wished that my TA did a quick review before we dove into practice so that one could tell if we actually did understand the lecture or not. Overall, I did like this class and I feel fortunate to have taken it with Schutze and the TA I had.

Advice: try to do (or at least start) the homework before your discussion. It's a good gage to see if you understand that week's lesson or not. Be sure you study the concepts, the final ask you a lot of whys. Do the extra credit! It's easy and if you're lucky like me, one might be solely online.

LING 20, taken Fall 2019 Submitted Dec. 6, 2019 Grade Received: N/A

He has extremely detailed lecture slides and goes over things thoroughly. His lecture however can be somewhat boring. Overall a very good (although kinda boring) learning experience. If you are really interested in linguistics do take his class, otherwise stay away.

LING 120B, taken Spring 2019 Submitted July 27, 2019 Grade Received: A-

If you are not in a hurry to take this class, I would advise against taking it with professor Shutze, especially if you did not have him for LING20. He teaches under the assumption that you took LING20 with him, which makes the first half of the quarter much more difficult for students who have taken another professor for LING20. Handouts are extremely dense and difficult to parse out, and his lectures are the driest lectures I have ever attended at UCLA. Just picture him reading off of the handout for 2 hours, and that's what his class is like. The class is Bruincast, and the majority of the class opts to skip class and just listen instead. Definitely go to section, though, since that's the only place where you'll be able to interactively solve problems before you have to attempt the unnecessarily difficult homework problems.

LING 20, taken Winter 2019 Submitted June 26, 2019 Grade Received: B-

Lectures are confusing, long, and boring. The midterm and final were the worst. The final contained unrecognizable material. The TAs were very helpful but overall I would not recommend this class.

LING 120B, taken Spring 2019 Submitted June 1, 2019 Grade Received: N/A

Schutze is possibly the most boring lecturer I've ever had, I rarely find myself paying attention to his lectures. That being said, he goes very in depth on topics and gives lots of examples so the material is very easy to understand. He also gives handouts of notes and often does BruinCast so it is very lax if you want to skip. Homework takes maybe around 3 hours a week so everything is very reasonable. If you can get a better professor, try to but otherwise this class is just fine.

LING 20, taken Winter 2019 Submitted June 1, 2019 Grade Received: A

Overall the lectures aren’t the most engaging, but Schutze is very clear in his lectures/slides and answers all questions very detailed. He posts the slides which are very helpful when studying and the weekly homework assignments are definitely doable if you take advantage of any of the TAs’ office hours.

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