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Overall 3.6 Easiness 1.7 Workload 1.7 Clarity 2.1 Helpfulness 3.3

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A nice guy...but boring&confusing lecture
it is a wasting of time to go the lecture because you will find yourself sitting there, but doing hw of another class or sleeping..

tho u can skip the class...dont skip the discussion!!TA helps a lot in going thru the class

bare in mind to choose a good TA for Hellwig's class..go to every TA's website and search if they have any notes,
i used to study TA's notes rather than the prof's notes...
Hellwig's notes are somtimes very confusing....
some of my friends just go to all TA sections in the first few weeks and find the best among them ...coz u should have a great TA when u hv a poor prof!!

exams are straight forward from practice midterms and final, just make sure you know and understand how to solve it and u will get A

hw are optional (to compensate the midterm if u did bad on it...), but i highly recommend to do because it really helps u to understand the materials (especially for students like me who seldom go to classes) easy A class if u go to TA sections and do hw

(April 20, 2005)
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