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Overall 4.8 Easiness 3.8 Workload 3.8 Clarity 4.8 Helpfulness 5.0

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The previous comment explained a lot of good things about David Hyde. Let me be the one critical.

1. David made the whole Program in Computing stupid. Before taking his course, I was told Pic 10A professors usually ignore the fact that this course is for newbie programmers and make it quite demanding. However, David actually explains all basic concepts quite CLEARLY in his lecture and his office hour is definitely HELPFUL. I'm so sad that I could ask ALL my questions to David and get the straight answers from him rather than brainstorming these questions and getting confused about them for several hours to practice my self-studying ability.
2. David could make you feel you are smarter than what you should be. His exams are at least EASY for me and he gives out practice questions that almost all shown up on the REAL EXAMS. Also, he gives Extra Credits(A lot) to both his midterms and a project. I talked with several friends in CS 31 and feel that I could only end up with a B+/ A- in CS 31 with the score accomplished in David's course (without extra credits).
3. Daivd then makes you feel you are stupid if you know him better. He was a genius in both high school and college. Talking to him actually changes my way of thinking and makes me motivated to study the hardcore subjects (Math, Physics, CompSci) like what he did. He made the first midterm slightly more difficult (cuz he was from Stanford haha), but he then listened to our opinions on exams during office hour and made the final a lot more appropriate.
4. David's course is not friendly to night persons. His course is scheduled at 8am and BRUINCASTED. However, you would feel compelled to go to his course because his teaching style is so chill. I personally never got a good sleep during this quater because I attended almost all his lectures.

Imperfect is perfect. His slides still have room of improvement which prove to me he is not a perfect lecturer. (It's clear, but if you miss the lecture and don't watch the bruincast, you cannot figure out what is going on in the slides.)

Overall, I think 5 /10 should be given to David due to all his "cons". Since the max grading is 5, I think I have no other option than to give him such a low score.

(Fall Quarter 2019)
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