David Ravetch

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Easiness 1.8/ 5
Clarity 3.8/ 5
Workload 2.2/ 5
Helpfulness 4.1/ 5
Easiness 1.8/ 5
Clarity 3.9/ 5
Workload 2.3/ 5
Helpfulness 3.9/ 5
Most Helpful Review
Winter 2016 - I hold Professor Ravetch in high esteem and regard. I have taken Management 1B three times. I failed three times. I gave it everything I had but I felt like maybe there was some skill missing that was not allowing me to continue in accounting. I went into Ravetch's class with a 3.4 GPA in 2011 and came out with 2.8 in 2016. It made me re-assess everything in life. I dropped out of UCLA during this time trying to figure out what was missing. I would never blame the Professor for my short-comings as a student but I am embarrassed to have come out with such low grades time and time again. He is the first Professor to fail me. It did have a psychological effect which I don't know if it may replicate in others, but it's definitely a good thing. I went to a community college and took a Math Assessment Exam to see where I stood. I was placed into Pre-Algebra. So, suffering from a severe handicap in my math skills and given Professor Ravetch is one of the greatest mathematical minds you will ever come across, I deduct that I was not on par with the standards this Professor requires. I have been in college since 2006 and at UCLA since 2010. For me, Professor Ravetch has the toughest exams ever (if you do not come from a mathematical mind-set). I recall the first exam, watch out how he phrases the Revenue Recognition question. I could not figure it out during office hours. I strongly recommend you prepare for the Market Capitalization or PE Ratio question which is very easy but use algebra and be 100% SURE OF YOUR WORK. I felt like quitting so many times or just getting a no pass deal but it seemed like taking the coward's way out. As the class proceeded, things got rougher for me. I was totally lost when it was Flexible Budget and Taxation. I recorded all his lectures and went to his class no matter what. I learned so much from his lectures but unfortunately I have not been able to translate it to a proper grade. Regardless of the fact that I am a few days from graduation, I feel like I don't deserve my B.A for the fact that I could not do better in this class. It has haunted me and continues to. I intend on returning to take his Management 1B course as an Extension class. I have enrolled in mathematics courses at my community college with the sole goal of passing his class one day. I have never earned so many F's in my life, I am in too deep. Professor Ravetch has permanently attracted me to accounting and for that I am eternally grateful. This is the best Professor I have ever had in my life. These failures have emboldened me to pursue accounting in order to one day pass his course. I feel like Professor Ravetch embodies the Bruin spirit. I am honored to be failed by him. My highest respect to those who did well.
Easiness N/A/ 5
Clarity N/A/ 5
Workload N/A/ 5
Helpfulness N/A/ 5
Easiness 3.2/ 5
Clarity 2.2/ 5
Workload 2.8/ 5
Helpfulness 2.1/ 5
Most Helpful Review
Winter 2020 - This class did not fulfill any major requirements for me-- I just took it because I wanted to learn about finance. I'm pretty disappointed to say that I didn't learn too much. This class goes over a broad range of topics (buying a house, car insurance, credit cards, stock market, etc.) The thing is that each week/lesson goes into something new, and no topic is given enough depth, so in the end you learn such little information that you might have been better off just looking it up online. He teaches each new topic by bringing in a guest speaker who works in the field, but the only thing is that many of the guest speakers aren't teachers and some of them really didn't seem that prepared to give a lecture. You feel like you're in some random presentation or even a marketing pitch for their company as opposed to an actual class where you're learning practical information. Also, he computed the grades in such a way that even if you got an A based on points alone, you would not necessarily get an A in the class. The syllabus does not tell you how he will grade the class, it does not tell you how much any of the assignments or projects are worth, you don't know anything until you get the grade. I really thought I was doing fine in the class until I got a B+ at the end (for reference, I've never gotten anything lower than an A- in any other class at all 4 years of university, even much harder classes like computing or chemistry) I will say that there was a few highlights where I did learn something I considered valuable. Additionally, the professor does seem to be really caring and passionate about the class. But if you want to take it and it's not a requirement for your major, I would take it pass/no pass.
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