History of Nursing Thought

Dorothy Wiley

History of Nursing Thought

Nursing department

Dorothy Wiley

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Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted Nov. 4, 2009 Grade Received: N/A

FOR CLASS N152W, I HATE THIS USELESS CLASS!! they dont even give you the grading rubric so that you know EXACTLY what they will be grading on!! its ALWAYS a surprise when you get your horrible grades back because you didnt "do it right" even though they never TOLD YOU WHAT TO DO! they expect you to write a bunch of crap without giving you instruction on what to write on!! EVERYONE tells you different things and none of the teachers agree on what needs to be said in the paper so who loses out? THE STUDENT! plus the topics are all over the place, they clearly made this class up out of nothing! making it USELESS. it doesnt even relate to nursing half the time! in the nursing program they forced you to complete writing 2 before your 3rd year only to force you to retake it in this horrible class! MY ADVICE: dont even bother taking writing 2 your first 2 years. and if you can, try to overthrow this class, its the most disorganized waste of time class you'll ever take. you'd think that after 4 years of having this class up, theyd finally learn how to organize it by now...NOPE! seriously, im paying tuition for THIS?

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