Approaches to University Writing

Esha N De

Approaches to University Writing

English Composition department

Esha N De

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I actually had Esha for Women Studies 10. She is an amazing professor! Not only is she adorable, but she is also extremely concerned, helpful, and sweet. She really gets into discussion during lecture, which makes the class a thousand times more interesting. She encourages everyone to participate, and even memorizes the names of those who do! She is very passionate about the subject matter, which personally, i found extremely interesting. There's a lot of readings, but most of them are pretty short and the ones that are long are fast reads because they're interesting, and, for the most part, pretty contemporary. She is the nicest lady ever; extremely approachable and very kind. I would definitely, 100% recommend this class to anyone, including guys. It's not difficult at all. The midterm is a breeze if you go over the study guide. It's very straightforward, simple, and short. They also grade fairly. The final is take home, and is pretty much formatted the same way as the midterm, just longer. I loved my TA, Jennifer Musto. So if you have the chance of having her, definitely take her! She's passionate, intelligent, and also really sweet. Although she posts the power points online, and even sends most of them straight to your email, I attended almost every lecture simply because I enjoyed Esha's stories and found the class interesting. The discussions can be hilarious, as are some of the stories Esha tells. She also shows great artwork and movie clips. Overall, great professor, great TAs, and great class! Definitely take it!

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