History of Neurosciences

Felix Schweizer

History of Neurosciences

Neurobiology department

Felix Schweizer

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Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted April 11, 2013 Grade Received: N/A

I had Schweizer for module 3 of 101b. Never went to lecture but ended up podcasting all his stuff. Super passionate guy! I really fell in love with him and regretted missing his lectures. Did about average on the final and went in to his lab after the quarter to just look it over as I'm in 101c now and was not used to how much all three profs in this module use only short answer questions where there is always one dickbag TA that subjectively downgrades you even when you practically wrote something identical to the exam key but they absolutely insist it's impossible to regrade unless there is a miscounting error. It's a bunch of bull and when I went in to his lab, his grad students are actual pricks and so was he. They were rude to me and told me to wait in a corner quietly like 3 times as if i'm incompetent. And he pretty much assumed I wanted a grade change and treated me like an overachieving premed which is BS cause I know it's too late to get a regrade and I am perfectly happy with the B+ I got in the class.

Bottom line, all south campus profs are douchy researchers that come off like they are passionate and care about undergrads and they really don't. it's such a shame cause I really liked him.

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