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Overall 4.6
Easiness of class 3.9
Workload 3.8
Not Clear
Clarity of professor 4.3
Not Helpful
Helpfulness of professor 4.6
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LING 20, taken Fall 2019 Submitted Feb. 3, 2020 Grade Received: A+

I loved taking this class with Giuseppina. She was engaging, excited, and passionate about the topic. When I took the class, it was her first quarter teaching at UCLA, so at times it seemed like she was still finding her stride. That said, she was wonderful. She valued her student learning very clearly. The tests were fairly easy, with a lot of the material being put in a sort of "appendix" for students at the back of the test for reference. I only went to office hours once, but she answered my question completely. She assigns a decent amount of readings, but they do help with the classwork. The homework was due weekly and was generally easy.

LING 1, taken Fall 2020 Submitted May 11, 2021 Grade Received: A

I loved this class, would 10/10 recommend as a GE. The material and lectures were engaging, professor was sweet and helpful, and online lecture videos were well prepared. Probably depends on your interest in linguistics, but I found the course to be intriguing and thought provoking, definitely learned a lot!

LING C140, taken Fall 2019 Submitted June 6, 2020 Grade Received: A

this was a cool class. professor had an interesting point of view being from a bilingual background in italy. never thought about a lot of the material, helped give me a different perspective.

LING 1, taken Fall 2020 Submitted Dec. 28, 2020 Grade Received: A

I loved every aspect of this Class.
I did not know much about Linguistics and, at the end, I can tell I learned so much and all seems quite interesting and relevant.
Great experience for a GE.

LING 1, taken Fall 2020 Submitted Jan. 13, 2021 Grade Received: A

(online because of covid)
Although this class was a bit more work than I had originally anticipated, I really did enjoy the content. In the online format, most lectures are prerecorded by week, around 1-3 hours, sometimes an extra reading or film, and then there was one required live lecture and required discussion each week (I usually just joined the zoom and then did other work--they never covered any testable topics that hadn't already been mentioned in recorded lectures or the textbook).
The workload was manageable: weekly-ish homeworks (less than that, really. iirc there were only 6 or 7), a midterm, two papers (which were actually pretty fun to write; they were pretty informal), and a final.
The midterm and final are on respondus!!!
I only took this class as a GE but I would say it's pretty good as far as GEs go. One thing I would caution is that because most homeworks are on quizlet, and live lecture never covers any required material, it is easy to fall behind on recorded lectures if you are not disciplined. Stay up-to-speed with all of the weekly material, because it can pile up quicker than you realize!

LING 1, taken Fall 2020 Submitted Dec. 24, 2020 Grade Received: B-

The grading rubric in this class was very fair. However, due to Covid-19, I slacked off more than I should have. However, even with the amount of cramming, I did for the class. I was able to pull off a B-. Make sure to participate in the discussions and live lectures to get those extra points. It could probably help round your grade up.

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