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KOREA 50, taken Winter 2020 Submitted March 31, 2020 Grade Received: A

From our understanding, the school tried to combine this class into a history + literature class but Professor Park placed more emphasis on the literature aspect, as most of the readings were short stories from certain areas of premodern/modern/contemporary Korea. During lecture, her slides did include historical background for the readings she assigned but that's pretty much the only "history" talked about in class.

Her class is broken down into: reading reviews, film reviews, participation/attendance, and two essays. Her class does not have midterm or final exams; there is one midterm essay and one final essay, all turned in online. I think she switches up the topic each quarter but they are essentially critical analysis essays where you choose one reading (or film) and write a seven page essay.
Almost all of the readings are posted in PDF format on CCLE, I think there's only like one or two readings from books you have to purchase. There is no textbook but towards the end of the course, there are two books you need to purchase (or at least get a hold of) but they're not super expensive (one book has three assigned reading chapters and the other book, you have to read in its entirety but it's not a thick book and the story is very interesting).
She tries to assign films that relate to the readings and she uploads those movies onto CCLE as well.
Every week, you write a review for the reading and also for the movies; not hard, just a paragraph of what you liked/disliked/any questions you had.

All in all, the course isn't that bad. She's not too keen on using laptops/tablets/phones in class so you have to get her permission beforehand to use them. Just take notes of her lectures because she puts questions you can use for your essays on the slides and gives lots of background info regarding the topic of the questions!

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