Physics for Life Sciences Majors: Waves, Electricity, and Magnetism

Ian McLean

Physics for Life Sciences Majors: Waves, Electricity, and Magnetism

Physics department

Ian McLean

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Overall 4.5
Easiness of class 4.0
Workload 3.8
Not Clear
Clarity of professor 4.6
Not Helpful
Helpfulness of professor 4.8


  • Uses Slides
  • Tolerates Tardiness
  • Engaging Lectures
  • Appropriately Priced Materials
  • Snazzy Dresser
  • Often Funny
  • Gives Extra Credit
  • Would Take Again


Spring 2013

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Quarter Taken: Spring 2018 Submitted March 28, 2019 Grade Received: A

Honestly, Professor Mclean is awesome! He really tries to help students who are worried about their grades and offers (I think it was about 2.5% of your grade) extra credit, too! He explains the material pretty well too, and it was a shame how his classes aren’t bruincasted, but following the lecture slides (sometimes text will help too), homework assignments and practice tests gave enough information!

Quarter Taken: Spring 2018 Submitted June 13, 2018 Grade Received: P

OMFG!!!! Professor McLeeeeeeeaaaaan is the most KIND and CARING professor you will have at UCLA. Where shall I start?

Okay so first and foremost, Professor McLean is actually interested in you learning the material and doing well in the course. Unlike some other professors in the department, who will quite literally make your life miserable. For the very first time in the entire course sequence I actually found myself enjoying physics, which is something I thought I would never ever be capable of. This is all thanks to Professor McLean's drive to actually teach. You can tell this man truly enjoys teaching and does not simply show up to lecture, begrudgingly, because he had to take time out of his research, or to only collect a paycheck. Outside of the classroom, Professor McLean is an absolute delight. I along with many of my fellow students always felt welcomed during office hours and he was so so helpful.

Also, this class did not make use of Mastering Physics (THANK GOD). Instead we used a much cheaper alternative, Kudu, which is actually a home-made software. Much more affordable than Mastering Physics and it actually incorporated Crash Course videos, which was super awesome! The book is not used at all. In fact, the book delves into a lot of detail, however, McLean's slides and lectures are just about all that is needed to prepare for exams.

As far as the exams go, this is perhaps the best part of the course. Not only will McLean make you understand the material, but he will also not give you an unreasonably difficult exam. His exams are incredibly straight forward, super plug and chug, and he even will give you a practice final, and provide you with an in-lecture review where he will drop hints about what to expect. Everyone in the class did fairly well on both exams, and the final exam was really just the practice final but with some tweaks here and there.

All in all, Professor McLean was a ray of sunshine after a stormy journey through Physics 5A and B. I would pay $20 to give him a hug. I wish he would have taught those courses as well. I would have been less miserable. ABSOLUTELY TAKE HIM!!!!

Quarter Taken: Spring 2018 Submitted June 13, 2018 Grade Received: N/A

This review is for 5C. This man is a godsend from heaven above. Professor Mclean was the best decision I made at my time at UCLA. Everything about him is what you want in a professor. He truly cares and you can just tell. In terms of the class, the midterms are worth 15% each and the final is worth 40%. It's not hard to do well and he is very clear about what he wants you to know. My understanding of Physics is significantly better now and it is thanks to Mclean. This class truly will be missed.

Quarter Taken: Spring 2018 Submitted June 9, 2018 Grade Received: A

This review is for Physics 5C.

There are two amazing things about this class.
1. It is very easy to do well. The median on the first midterm was an 88%, and around a 94% on the final. The reviews he gives the lecture before the midterm is pretty much all you need to understand to do well. Understanding all that material guarantees you at least an A-, but he always adds a very small twist that is worth about 5%. If you study enough, this "twist" will not be difficult at all. He also offers around 2-2.5% extra credit by going to discussion (it is not mandatory) and attending a guest lecture and writing a 2-page paper (double-spaced).

2. Dr. McLean is the nicest and most caring professor I have encountered so far in my college education. The man loves what he does, and it shows everyday in class and in office hours. I never bombed an exam, but I personally witnessed him bump up the scores of students who were really struggling. Bottom line: you will not find a STEM professor in all of UCLA who wants you to succeed more than Dr. McLean. He even tells you during his first lecture that his main goal is for everyone to understand the material and get an A.

If you are lucky and McLean is teaching when you need to take 5C, do not think twice about it.

Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted June 22, 2013 Grade Received: N/A

Professor Mclean is so great! He really, really just wants his students to succeed. He makes sure that you know exactly what to study for the midterms and final, and is super flexible about homework. He's such a sweet man, I had the absolute best experience taking this class. Even though I hate physics with a deep, deep passion. Like, for our first midterm the average was a 91% and he didn't curve it. His class isn't curved at all, but it doesn't need to be. Take this professor if you get the chance!

Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted June 13, 2013 Grade Received: N/A

THE BEST PROFESSOR EVER!!! Profess Mclean is literally the sweetest and most caring professor I've come across at UCLA. He wants all of his students to succeed and does all in his power to make that possible. If you at all have the opportunity to take Professor Mclean for ANY class don't think twice, He's the BEst like I said! I"m so happy to have met him and taken a class with him I wish i could take 6C with him also but he's not offering it.

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  • Uses Slides
  • Tolerates Tardiness
  • Engaging Lectures
  • Appropriately Priced Materials
  • Snazzy Dresser
  • Often Funny
  • Gives Extra Credit
  • Would Take Again

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