Computability Theory

Isaac M. Goldbring

Computability Theory

Mathematics department

Isaac M. Goldbring

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I really liked the way Goldbring taught the class. It's worth bearing in mind that it was an upper div logic class, so the style might not translate to classes like 33B or 3C, but if you're looking at one of the other 114's he would definitely be a good choice.

The lectures usually started out by explaining the intuition informally before going over the rigorous proofs, so I found it a lot easier to understand why certain ideas were being formulated the way they were. He was also open to questions and able to fix any misconceptions that arose.

Personally, he's a really nice guy. Since he was an undergrad at UCLA not too long ago he was easy to relate to. The grades were pretty low on the first midterm because of the nature of the material and the time constraints, but Isaac was willing to switch the final to a take home test so that it would be both comprehensive and doable. There are a lot of professors that really aren't that flexible.

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