Origins of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Jacco Dieleman

Origins of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Near Eastern Languages department

Jacco Dieleman

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I took ANE 150B with him (Ancient Egyptian Literature in Translation). Prof. Dieleman is an intelligent, extremely nice professor who is absolutely and wildly passionate about Ancient Egypt. (He offered me cake when I went to his office hours.) For this reason, this class is awesome - seeing someone get really, happily worked up about something because they're just so enthusiastic about it makes any class fun. He doesn't use power-points for this class, but he gives a lot of handouts, which are very handy for taking out notes. Occasionally, he assigns homework, which are moderately easy assignments on the reading (like listing all the imagery in a certain poem, for example).
That being said, if you thought you wrote well before this class, you were wrong. This is some straight-up old-school academia: no, you can't pad your essays with bullshit; you have to know exactly what you're talking about. He leaves detailed comments on your essays, hitting every aspect - word choice, syntax, theoretical arguments. This is the first class for which I did outside research on my final paper topic (don't know yet if it paid off) but I was extremely grateful that he took the time to both comment on the first two essays and summarize what he thought of the essays in a couple of paragraphs. I feel like not many professors do that, but Prof. Dieleman is legit. Plus, he speaks/reads ancient Egyptian, so he's kind of like a nerdier, Dutch Indiana Jones.
If I have the opportunity to take a class again with him, I definitely will.

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