Critical Reading and Writing

Jack Caughey

Critical Reading and Writing

English department

Jack Caughey

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Easiness of class 4.0
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Quarter Taken: Fall 2015 Submitted Aug. 18, 2016 Grade Received: A

Prof. Caughey is great. One of the most unconventional yet educational English classes I've ever taken. Really cool, chill guy who fosters a casual environment (the class is usually only about 25 kids) but also expects a lot from his students. He has a unique grading scale that is based on accumulating points for the work that you do, rather than getting a grade on each assignment. Your final letter grade is equivalent to a range of points, so you are only working up to a grade rather than averaging out individually graded assignments. The more assignments you do, and the better you do on those assignments, the more points you will have and the higher your grade will be. Really cool system that de-emphasizes the importance of a single grade/assignment and encourages you to try hard on types of writing you excel at, but also to take a stab at writing assignments you might not be as good at knowing your attempt will only help your grade rather than hurt it. Highly encourage taking 4W with Prof. Caughey.

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