Labor Economics

Jack Hou

Labor Economics

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Jack Hou

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Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted June 13, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

I was dumb....should have listened to other ppl's advice when they told me not to take him since they had him for econ 1 or 2. but i did. still haven't figured out why though. so lucky enough for me (sarcasm) turned out that it was his 1st time teaching 150. yeah, nice, huh? well not really. we were like his guinea pigs, per se! omg his lectures are long, draggin, hard to follow, and you literally have to be writing down the whole time, trying to copy down everything he says cuz trust me, everything he says is super when he rambles on incessantly abt. his rich wife who's making mad dough...cute, he talks abt her as if he worships her...but enough of the same stuff over and over again already, man!.....he tends to ramble a's funny....sometimes he would take literally forever to talk abt. some stupid topic that's completely irrelevant to what ur learning....and amazing somehow he links it to econ (wait..shall i say...he TRIES to link it?) yeah..
So..yeah i just took the final today....possibly the hardest final i have ever taken in my life....omg it was soooooooooooooo LONG SOOO FRIGGIN" long omg omg omg!!..........there were like 7 parts...and under each part, you had to do 2-4 questions......and um...these aren't like easy questions...they are detailed analytical questions or math-oriented questions.
Nice thing abt. this class is that there's always a big fat curve...but then if you really think abt. it.....a class that has a big fat curve tells u a lot how professor is...and i shall leave it at that...
i literally busted my butt off for this class....had nightmares on a trillion and one graphs at nite.....did a big a above avg. on the 2 midterms.......we shall see how i did on the final.........but boy....he really really tests ur make sure that you know EVERY FRIGGIN" graph he draws on the board and be able to explain the shifts and stuff.
comment on the book: it's way tooooo simple. the prof goes BEYOND the book. the book is a supplement to the lecture notes. but if you do read the book over and over again, you will understand his lecture notes and the graphs.
sooo.........sorry to blah blah blah for soo song...but that's my 2 cents on prof. hou
take him if you want to be challenged. it's NOT easy...lemme repeat it again....IT IS NOT EASY AT ALL TO GET AN A in this if ur a slacker.....STAY AWAY!!!

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