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Dr. Davis is an absolutely wonderful professor! Since this is a Writing II Class, there are a lot of essays to write, annotations on required readings, and in-class writing activities. However, Dr. Davis gives thorough feedback on your thesis/sentence structures and makes everything crystal clear as to what she is looking for in terms of your writing. She has multiple activities in-class and peer review activities that will familiarize you with different writing strategies so you will be able to find what works for you. She grades extremely fairly and is super understanding and kind so if you ever needed a one-on-one breakdown or help on your thesis she will take time and help you perfect it. I will have to admit that there are multiple due dates and readings to keep track of especially for essay rough drafts and annotation submissions, but as the weeks go by everything is the same so you will get used to it. Participation is extremely important and is a big component, so make sure you show up to class and stay. Dr. Davis's lectures are really engaging and discussion-based so interest-wise, you will be fully locked in for 3 hours. She also makes sure that everyone gets to speak if they'd like to speak so it's a really friendly environment on such a sensitive topic. There is also a course calendar so you know what assignments are due and what is expected of you for the whole quarter (6 weeks for me).

I highly recommend taking this course with Professor Davis in general, but if you're looking especially for a professor who will actively help you succeed in a Writing II course this is the way to go.

The course breakdown when I took it was:

Participation - 30%
Annotations - 10%
Writing Assignments - 60%
[Breakdown of WA category:
Theoretical Framework Paper - 10%
Cultural Object Paper - 10%
Culmination Paper - 30%
Culmination Presentation - 10%]

It seems like the components themselves carry a lot of weight, but I promise you that if you put in the work, show up to lecture, and participate you will 101% succeed in this class. Take it with Dr. Davis.

(Summer Quarter 2021)
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