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KOREA 2, taken Winter 2020 Submitted March 31, 2020 Grade Received: A+

최 선생님! She is a very sweet and very giggly teacher, she's so cute! She always has a smile on her face and she's very approachable! This was my first time taking her and since her last review on here was from 2017, I was a little nervous but fret not, she's still as amazing as she was since the first review was posted!

I took 임 선생님 for Korean 1 so I don't know how similar the structure for 최 선생님's Korean 2 class is compared to her Korean 1 class, but there's a vocab quiz every lecture beginning the second week of the course, there are two lesson tests and one cumulative final, two in-class writing assignments and there are two oral tests.

The three tests are pretty much the same as Korean 1 test reviews--she uploads the test format and possible questions she may ask on CCLE so if you just go by that, you'll be good (she's not sneaky/tricky)!
The first oral test is a video dub that you do with a partner and the second oral test is a video dub you do by yourself--these are both submitted via CCLE so you don't have to present them!
The writing assignments are based off of two essay prompts from the workbook, but they're alright since you just have to write a minimum of 10-13 sentences and the TAs hold in-class writing workshops so they can help you with organizing it/grammar. Homework assignments are still from the workbook and you turn the packet in during discussion.

The hardest part of this class is the honorifics introduced and 최 선생님 knows this, but it can't be helped ;-; Apart from the honorifics, the course was very easy going and both 최 선생님 and her TAs were very helpful and understanding so if you are struggling, I really recommend going to their office hours!

KOREA 1, taken Fall 2019 Submitted July 10, 2020 Grade Received: A+

I love this professor! I came into Korean 1 with some background knowledge of Korean, so this class was not very challenging for me, but it was rewarding. Doctor Choi is a wonderful, sweet professor who gives off very friendly, kind vibes. I loved her! She was confident about the material and passionate about our learning and just lovely. Tests in this class were very simple and fair: the final was one page front and back and took about an hour. In addition to lesson tests, there are vocabulary tests which simply test if you can translate words between English and Korean and vice versa, writing tests, and then some oral tests which include a group project. Grading is lenient and the TAs are amazing. If you are considering taking Korean as a foreign language, I definitely recommend it! Korean 1 spends the first two weeks teaching the alphabet and the rest of the weeks teaching vocabulary and grammar. It is definitely the easiest of KOR1-3, but it is a great dive if you're interested in the language.

KOREA 1 Submitted June 13, 2012 Grade Received: N/A

Very easy to learn from. Her test were easy, and the final was just like the lesson tests. Very easy if you keep up with your vocab.

KOREA 1, taken Fall 2016 Submitted Jan. 13, 2017 Grade Received: A

This course is an easy A. The grading is as below: participation 10%; HW 5%; 6 speaking assignments 3%; 12 alphabet and vocabulary quizzes 12%; 2 oral tests 10%; 2 midterms 30%; 1 in-class writing 5%; final 25%.

You have to show up in all the lectures and discussions for the full participation points because the teacher and TAs distribute sign-up sheets almost every class. The homework is just something time-consuming. It does not help on exams. For the speaking assignments, you are required to record several sentences involving the grammars taught in class. For this part, as long as you complete it, you will get a full score. For the quizzes, however, you need to work very hard to get the 12 points. Quizzes are distributed almost every class. For the oral tests, the first one is an self introduction. The second is a dub where you need to write a script with your friends and record it. For the oral tests, also, you will get a full score as long as you complete it. For the writing, each mistake in your essay will deduct you 2%(out of the 5%) of the points. For the exams, the teacher would post the test format on CCLE. So just review strictly according to the test format and expect a high score.

This is a very easy course as long as you follow the advice and work hard.

KOREA 2, taken Winter 2017 Submitted April 3, 2017 Grade Received: A

Jane Choi is a wonderful teacher. My TA, Jin Aeng Choi, was amazing as well. The course is similar to Korean 1, but the material becomes more difficult with honorifics and such in the second half of the course. If you want to know about the course structure, read some of the Korean 1 reviews for Jane Choi, as this course is structured in basically the same way. Both the professor and my TA were very helpful, approachable and funny. Jane is always happy to have you at office hours. Most students don't go, which is a huge mistake. Most of the students who struggled with this class seemed to have slacked off and crammed before the exams. I had this professor/TA for Korean 1 and I am currently taking Korean 3 with them. If you ever have a chance to take a course taught by either of them, don't pass up the opportunity!

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