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ECON 170
Industrial Organization: Theory and Tactics See Full Profile

Overall 5.0 Easiness 3.7 Workload 3.7 Clarity 4.7 Helpfulness 4.7

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Professor Asker is the best econ professor I've ever had at UCLA. He's one of the very few econ professors who actually do care about teaching. Knowing that I have major time conflicts with his office hours, he was always willing to stay late after the lectures to answer all my questions and was super patient the entire time. His midterms and finals are extremely fair games as long as you attend all the lectures and pay attention to the parts he highlights on. I screwed up my midterm but did quite well on the final in which case I still got an A since his midterm can be dropped according to his various grading schedules which really work towards students' interests to the max. Prof Asker always extends his class materials to the research he has worked or is currently working on. Highly recommend this class with professor Asker.

(Spring Quarter 2016)
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