Introduction to Philosophy of Mind

Jorah Dannenberg

Introduction to Philosophy of Mind

Philosophy department

Jorah Dannenberg

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Overall 1.7
Easiness of class 3.3
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Clarity of professor 1.3
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Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted July 15, 2011 Grade Received: N/A

This was the most annoying class I have ever taken. The Professor just stood in front of the class and went on and on and on. The material was not definitive. It was actually quite dumb. These "philosophers" make claims on things that don't even exist. Apparently, we are just a body of experiences. We don't actually mean anything at all. STAY AWAY from Skef Iterum. He was a very useless TA. His discussion sections were pointless. I have a feeling he was prejudice too. He was quite mean and looked down on you every single time you asked a question. His answers to my questions were very contradicting. One second he says something and another second he says something else. They grade very hardly. Unfortunately, the TAs grade your final exam which means that if they (specifically SKEF) don't like you, they will grade you down. For our first essay, I spent nearly 5-6 hours typing, proofreading, and editing it. My classmate who just came from another country (who had the same TA as me) received a higher grade on the first and second essay than me. She spent less than two hours on both of her essays. When she gave me her essay to read, there were LOTS of grammatical errors in them. She still got a higher grade than me. I went through the schooling system, passed my AP test and still got a freakin B on both my essays where she got an A for minimal effort. Like I said, Skef is a horrible TA (and I am not the only one who has complained about him). He is unfair, mean, and extremely rude. Every time I went to ask why I got marked down on my essay, this is what he told me: "Well....ummm...ummm..IF you look at this sentence from another can slightly imply something else".
Me: What else would it imply when what I meant is what I wrote
Skef: umm..well you you see here....
Please if you want a good philosophy GE, please don't take this class. You will regret it, especially if you get a TA like Skef (plus, he named himself. What kind of a name is that anyways?)
Just stay away from this professor and TA..for your own good. There are many other BETTER philosophy classes out there. If I could, I would complain to the Philosophy Department about both the professor and Skef.

Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted June 22, 2011 Grade Received: N/A

Probably the most boring class I've taken so far in my 3 years at UCLA. He's very unorganized. He just stands there in front of class with his coffee and turns lecture into a giant discussion. So any idiot who wants to give their opinion can just talk for half the class. I stopped going to class week 4 and I think I went 2 more times after that. Even though I didn't go, I still got a B+. TA's grade somewhat hard on the papers (progressively get harder). The only great thing about the class was the review session given by the TA's for the final. They gave us every answer.

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