Social Welfare in Multicultural Society

Jorja Leap

Social Welfare in Multicultural Society

Social Welfare department

Jorja Leap

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Overall 4.3
Easiness of class 2.6
Workload 2.6
Not Clear
Clarity of professor 3.7
Not Helpful
Helpfulness of professor 4.1


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Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted Nov. 25, 2009 Grade Received: N/A

Really, people? I'm appalled at the comments below. Jorja Leap is hands down, an excellent professor. She has informative guest speakers to engage the class because she knows how stressful UCLA is, and so she successfully makes her class enjoyable. I took 100A and 101 with her and received A's in both. The readings are awesome and they provide great insight. I definitely recommend her classes, and if you can try to get Casey as your T.A. She rocks!

Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted Nov. 19, 2009 Grade Received: N/A

super easy A and interesting class--I learned a lot. She's very funny and entertaining in the classroom when she's standing up in front of everyone, but she's not a very nice person at all it seems. She was very rude to me when I approached her outside of the classroom, and like many other people have said, she's condescending for no reason whatsoever. Take the class but don't try to approach her outside of it. She's a bitch and she knows it.

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