Julia Heck

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Easiness 2.0/ 5
Clarity 1.0/ 5
Workload 3.0/ 5
Helpfulness 1.0/ 5
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Winter 2021 - It's really too bad because I took Epi100A because I thought it would be a straight forward and interesting course. I think it usually is, however NOT with Dr Heck. She is one of the most inconsiderate and disorganized professors I've had at UCLA. It's blatantly obvious that teaching is just her side gig and that she's employed elsewhere as her main priority. She responds to emails extremely late or not at all. Her class expectations were extremely vague and did not stick to the syllabus. Her quiz/exam questions made no sense- sometimes there were long run on sentences, grammatical errors, and sometimes incoherent. She stopped following the syllabus about halfway through the course when she changed up one of our quizzes. Then she decided in week 8 to randomly cancel a take-home quiz that would have aided everyone's grade. Because of this random cancelation, she made our final exam worth a higher % of our grade, which only stressed everyone out. The most annoying thing she did was this: on the syllabus she had "final exam date TBD" so when week 8 rolled around, many students were emailing her trying to figure out when our final would be, since we have busy schedules and this class had been fully asynchronous all quarter. She dodged emails or responded with vague answers. Then on FRIDAY of WEEK 9, she dropped on us that we would have a proctored final exam and we would have to attend it live during the time frames that she chooses. I was pissed because I work full time and she really acted like it was no big deal that she was giving me a one week notice on the date and time of my proctored final. Over 20 students even signed an email asking her to please consider a 24-48 hour window for the exam or consider making it take-home. She showed no empathy and didn't budge. Aside from her utter disorganization, she wasn't even a good teacher. Her lectures were all over the place and it was impossible to know what was important to know and what was just extra info that she thought was cool. There was no real structure in the course which made things more stressful. This class could have been so cool and relevant to the pandemic, but this professor honestly ruined it. I'm not sure what my grade even is yet, I doubt she'll get them in by tonight's deadline because that's how unreliable she is. I would not take another class with her, and I wish I had taken this class with Dr Hsu.
Easiness N/A/ 5
Clarity N/A/ 5
Workload N/A/ 5
Helpfulness N/A/ 5
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