Exploring Asian American Theater

Keith Camacho

Exploring Asian American Theater

Asian American Studies department

Keith Camacho

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I'm sorry I can't remember the course number-it was in 2010 when I had Keith's class. However, I couldn't believe these reviews so I had to write on of my own. Keith was absolutely one of the most interesting professors I had at UCLA. He is very passionate about the subjects he teaches and maybve the two students who posted here could care less about the subject. I had two classes with Keith-both of which were so interesting and fun. Everyone in the class was encouraged to speak up, ask questions, and really think about what it means to be a Pacific Islander. He is very passionate about the subject of empire and colonialism in the pacific and doesn't mince words about how he feels. His lectures are very fact filled and you have to be paying attention-there is no goofing off or sleeping in his lectures or you will suffer on the exams. His was always available at office hours for help and I was bummed out when he left for a year of research because I wanted to continue taking his classes. He is back now-but I have graduated already. Maybe these two students are used to just basically showing up to a class and sleeping through the lecture-but you can't do that in Keiths classes-I would tell anyone interested in AAS or PI studies that his class is a must take!

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