Topics in Value Theory: Rationality and Action

Keith Kaiser

Topics in Value Theory: Rationality and Action

Philosophy department

Keith Kaiser

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Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted May 21, 2002 Grade Received: N/A

I had the opportunity to take Philosophy 154 last Quarter with Professor Kaiser, and what an opportunity it was. I was actually dreading taking this class after hearing how other professors had presented the material and structured the class. However, Kaiser's lectures, engaging presentation of the material, and easy-going style made the class altogether interesting and time spent worthwhile. It was the only class that I actually looked forward to attending. The reading selections effectively supplemented his lectures and were not too technical for even the non-philosophy major. His willingness and availability outside of class were also most helpful in my ability to comprehend the course material's most difficult points. The subject matter was fairly sophisticated, but I felt that Kaiser's knowledge and presentation of the various texts and subject matter made the material easy to understand and interesting. When it comes to determinism and free-will (the course subject matter) he definitely seemed to be the "Go-to Guy." Great personality and funny too. I'd give him an A and would not hesitate to sign up to take any class that he teaches, but I hope, for other students' sake that he teaches this class again.

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