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PORTGSE 46, taken Spring 2020 Submitted June 22, 2020 Grade Received: N/A

I took this class spring 2020 online. The easiest class on campus I think every student earned an A or A+. All you have to do is write something that makes sense and you will get full credit on every project. Anyone looking for an easy GE this is the class you want.

PORTGSE 46, taken Fall 2019 Submitted Jan. 5, 2020 Grade Received: A+

This is the class to take if you are looking for something stress-free and an interesting, new topic to learn. Professor Bivona gives you every chance on Earth to get an A+ in her class. Most of the class is reading articles, chapters of a book, and watching films.

Professor Bivona will let you know when a quiz is coming and from what material.

There are a few papers which range from a page to 3 pages in length, all very straight forward.

Participation is easy, just raise your hand and answer a question every now and again.

The group presentations are interesting and everyone must do one. They are pretty easy and should only take a 2-3 hours of group work to complete.

PORTGSE 46, taken Fall 2019 Submitted Jan. 7, 2020 Grade Received: A+

Very easy class. I enjoyed learning about Brazil a lot. Most of the classes were run as discussions based on the readings or movies, so a good chunk of the time is talking with your fellow classmates rather than being lectured. There are only a few small writing assignments and one group project and they are all super easy, if not high school-easy, graded very easy. Professor Bivona is very knowledgeable and understanding to the student perspective, and wants you to get an A as long as you show you're engaged. If I had any complaints, it's that there were a LOT of movies to watch and I personally had a hard time keeping up.

PORTGSE 46, taken Spring 2020 Submitted June 18, 2020 Grade Received: N/A

OMG Kristal is just the BEST. Her lectures are so clear and engaging and she just CARES about students and is willing to accommodate for this turbulent time. The content of the class is also interesting. I barely knew anything about Brazil before taking this class but I have to say I learnt a lot and enjoyed every minute of of the class. Besides, the workload is really light and she grades leniently. (Honestly, I feel like everyone in the class got a A+) It is such a pity that she's leaving UCLA this year. I'm so glad that I took this class!!!!!

PORTGSE 46, taken Spring 2020 Submitted July 3, 2020 Grade Received: A+

I feel like I learned a lot about Brazil through this class. It was very easy in terms of the content since we just watched movies, did a few readings, and wrote reviews about them. The class was very intersectional as it incorporated commentary on race, gender, sexuality, economic/social status, place of origin etc. Some films featured nudity, but the films were very entertaining. the textbook is free and available as a PDF through CCLE. The class was asynchronous online and we had optional 1 hour discussions on Wednesdays. These discussions allow you to interact with your classmates and Kristal in order to discuss the films and readings for that week. She also made lecture videos in which she discussed the movies and readings in depth in terms of that previously mentioned intersectionality. She followed everything that was on the syllabus and was always aware of the current situation facing out country/state at the moment, taking that into account in order to reduce the workload. The group presentation was probably the hardest assignment since you have to work around your other group members, which is harder to do online but it was nonetheless easy. You also self grade yourself for that presentation as well as for other "big" assignments that are relatively easy. You even self grade yourself for the class. This is by far the best class I have taken.

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