Evolutionary Psychology

Kyeyoung Park

Evolutionary Psychology

Anthropology department

Kyeyoung Park

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I took her Korean American experience class, which is not difficult. One midterm, paper, and take home final are easy. But to be honest, I think she is probably one of the worst Asian Am professors I've had. I thought that some of these reviews might be biased, but after taking her class I have to say some of the concerns are definitely spot on. Firstly, professor park makes very uncomfortable(if even borderline racist) remarks when comparing Koreans to other races. The worst is when she laughs after those remarks. I'm not sure if its a nervous laughter or uncontrollable, but seriously she needs to stop doing that. She alienates so many of her non-Asian students through her remarks and I saw almost half of them drop after the first week. Makes me really worried that she says she's going to be teaching a course on racism next quarter.
Her lectures are meandering and most students can't even follow her reasoning. She ALWAYS goes past the lecture time, which is pretty inconsiderate of her since most students have other classes to attend.
Also, she puts such a huge emphasis on the LA riot and Korean-latino relations because of her research and makes us do a bunch of unnecessary and irrelevant research on it too. She also provides so many readings that she will never discuss in class. She makes you read the manuscript for her book, which for the most part is convoluted and nobody cares about. Basically, a waste of my time taking this class.

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