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English Composition, Rhetoric, and Language See Full Profile

Overall 4.3 Easiness 2.7 Workload 2.6 Clarity 4.3 Helpfulness 4.3

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This class isn't that hard there are 3 essays they each count for 25% of the grade and then 25% is participation and a couple short assignments. The first essay is alone but the second and third essays are paired writing. My suggestion is to request someone smart to write with. Some of the kids in your class are going to write like middle schoolers and then there are some kids who are too smart for this class. Find one of them because they can change your grade. Ms. Gerrard is pretty nice, shes kinda old but is laid back. The class is small though, so you can't really sneak to the back and slide through the class, she will know. She will help you with your essays if you don't understand a question or need advice on what to write. GO TO HER FOR HELP. It will significantly improve your grade. Honestly, I just went on my computer in this class and I finished with an A so if you take her class seriously and ask her for help it's not bad.

(Fall Quarter 2018)
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