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Introduction to Scandinavian Literatures and Cultures See Full Profile

Overall 4.8 Easiness 3.7 Workload 3.6 Clarity 4.2 Helpfulness 4.7

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The class consists of two literary papers (a rough and final draft for each) that's graded on a rubric, as well as two short discussion posts, a short narrative essay, peer reviews, and other participation points that fairly easy to get for the most part.

Right from the start, Lisa was very nice and helpful and it was clear that she genuinely wanted us to do well in the class. I thought her lectures were pretty good initially, which were a mix of answering questions about the texts we had to read and grammar issues to help us improve our papers. I thought the texts (and one film) she chose were pretty interesting as well, and were diverse in content and style. Writing the literary papers themselves definitely took some time and effort for me (I'm a STEM major who hates writing humanities essays), but she provides a lot of helpful feedback on them so that you can get a better grade on your final draft.

If it wasn't for the last two weeks, however, my impression of her would be much higher than what it is right now. Apparently, the quality of the rough drafts of our second papers was not great. Combined with the general lack of participation during her live lectures, she was pretty mad at us for the last two weeks and forced us all to turn on our cameras. While she did change the syllabus a bit to help us get a better grade (which was nice of her), she made a few comments to our class that I thought were just plain rude and demeaning, which left a sour taste. I could understand her frustration, but I don't think any educator who claim to care for students should really make those comments (again, just my opinion).

Overall, while it's definitely not difficult to get an A in this class, it's not as easy as it's made out to be (there may be other Writing 2 classes that are easier). However, if you stay on her good side and have an interest in writing/scand literature, take this class with her. You'll get a good grade and you'll probably enjoy it a lot more than I did.

(Summer Quarter 2021)
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