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Linear Algebra and Applications See Full Profile

Overall 2.7 Easiness 3.0 Workload 3.0 Clarity 2.4 Helpfulness 2.7

Most Helpful Review

Being in her Math 33A class right now, I think that some of the other reviews were too harsh. To be clear, I don not think she's a good professor, but she's not as bad as others make her out to be. Her two midterms so far have both been fair and averages on the first and second were a 83% and 76%. She assigns a decent amount of work. She just isn't clear at all on explaining most concepts. I go to lecture and I get more confused than when learning from the textbook. Overall, I don't recommend but I don't think that if you have her it's the end of the world. She might not explain things super well but she is still knowledgeable and has answered my questions pretty well. Also her accent isn't that bad, but writing small on the board did impact her teaching in the beginning a little bit. Also, math 115A people shouldn't leave reviews here because it's a completely different class that is more proof based in itself, which she seems to be better at then giving us physical arithmetic examples.

(Fall Quarter 2019)
Introduction to Discrete Structures See Full Profile

Overall 3.8 Easiness 4.0 Workload 4.6 Clarity 3.2 Helpfulness 3.8

Most Helpful Review

Dr. Huang is an excellent teacher.

Her lectures are hard to follow if and only if the students don't give her any indication whether they understood what she meant. Whenever any student asks any questions, she is patient enough to answer the questions in details. Also, do not neglect the office hours! She is willing to answer any questions you have regarding the course material, and she can even guide you through if you have any troubling about learning math in general.

She has been getting feedback from her students consistently throughout time and is making progress that everyone can see. Maybe she is not the best lecturer yet, but she has been improving a lot even in the same quarter, so I believe she will become a famously excellent teacher very soon.

Also, for a non-math major, math 61 deserves one's time. As most people know, math-61 is not intended for only math majors (it is a CS major requirement), and the course difficulty has been decreased astonishingly from what one should expect from a course in discrete math, which is math-180. Math-61 covers a lot of basic concepts that were usually assumed knowledge of in a math course intended for math majors only and cannot be more friendly to non-math people. What is difficult is NOT what the professor covers but what the concepts are actually are. One should not blame an instructor simply because a course that is intrinsically difficult was taught.

(Spring Quarter 2020)
Linear Algebra See Full Profile

Overall 4.9 Easiness 4.2 Workload 4.4 Clarity 4.3 Helpfulness 5.0

Most Helpful Review

I don't know why people in her 33A class kept complaining since 33A is all about computations, which is much easier than 115A. It’s true that she is not a good lecturer since it is the first year for her. She does not explain all the concepts and proves very well in class. Sometimes her homework requires us to do something that is not taught in class.
Everyone is complaining here, but I will say you can never expect your teacher to teach you and make you understand everything in class. You have to put your effort into it, try to figure out the things you do not understand instead of complaining that your teacher didn’t tell you. If you did not get good grades simply because you did not work hard enough, then stop complaining.
Finally, someone also attacks her Chinese accent. For those people, I have two words for you: 垃圾。

(Fall Quarter 2019)
MATH 142
Mathematical Modeling See Full Profile

Overall 3.0 Easiness 4.0 Workload 4.0 Clarity 1.0 Helpfulness 2.0

Most Helpful Review

I got an A in this class so let me give a completely objective and unbiased review since it seems like all of Professor Huang's reviews seem to either utterly hate on her or call her the best professor ever.
Frankly, the class was a mess. The lectures were unclear and the notes weren't super helpful for anything. The lectures didn't help on the homework, the homework didn't help on exams, and the exams didn't really reflect what we learned in lecture.
If not for group study sessions, I would not have pulled an A in this course.
Outside of her teaching style, Professor Huang herself is very kind and understanding. She extended homework due dates and gave out hints very frequently. She gave a study guide for both the Final and Midterm that told you exactly what would be on it. And I mean she would give a numbered list of topics that 100% mirrored what she tested you on during exams.
By collaborating with other students in the class, we were able to discern exactly what would be on the exams.
I also felt that she and her TA's graded very leniently, and I always scored higher than I thought I would on the exams and homework.
We also had a Group Project in this course which was also graded very leniently and was pretty much just free points for your overall grade.
Overall, I don't think she's a great professor by any means. She's okay at best. Her lectures were mostly conceptual and provided nearly zero examples, whereas her exams were purely computational. Her homeworks were very difficult and since they were taken from an 80 year old book, there were no solutions anywhere and the questions were ridiculously vague.
However, I felt that her exams were fairly easy as they were purely computational and she gave the topics beforehand (although she gave nearly zero examples).
So yeah TLDR: Messy class; homeworks, lectures, and exams are disjoint; but lenient grading; easy exams; very kind and understanding professor

(Fall Quarter 2021)
Applied Numerical Methods See Full Profile

Overall 3.5 Easiness 5.0 Workload 5.0 Clarity 3.5 Helpfulness 4.0

Most Helpful Review

Overall, a pretty good experience. My favorite logistical thing about this class is that homework, midterm and final was graded SUPER fast (about a 24-72 hour return time). The material itself was pretty interesting (if you like numerical methods) but nothing special. We covered ODEs and some linear algebra. This is definitely one of those courses where you just do the homework (instead of really watching lectures) and learn as you go in my opinion. I never talked to the TA before but he seems like a swell dude (graded homework really fast). Same for the prof. If you worked with MATLAB before, this course will be even easier because there was at least one programming assignment on every homework. However, it isn't necessary, i rewrote most of the programs on Python and used those results and it was fine. The grading of this class is really lenient, 49% homework, 1% for teaching eval, 20% midterm and 30% final. Again, for me the homework was essentially a free 100% and the exams were pretty similar to the homework. The final was a bit harder than the midterm because there were True False questions that were hard to find in lecture notes but still doable. The average on the midterm was a 94% and we didn't get to see what mistakes we made on the final, though I got a 90%. Overall, a fairly easy course but definitely a bit harder than 151A

(Winter Quarter 2021)
MATH 375
Teaching Apprentice Practicum Full Profile > N/A Overall N/A Easiness N/A Workload N/A Clarity N/A Helpfulness
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MATH 375
Teaching Apprentice Practicum See Full Profile

Overall N/A Easiness N/A Workload N/A Clarity N/A Helpfulness N/A

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