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PHYSCI 111B, taken Spring 2020 Submitted May 17, 2020 Grade Received: A

Haven't finished 111B yet, but I wanted to review Professor Correa because her module and teaching style have been my favorite of the ones covered so far in the mandatory physci upperdivision series.

Due to the pandemic, the grading scheme of the course was redone -- midterms were open note, there were open note + free timed quizzes after every lecture, and critiques were removed. Midterms were weighed much less heavily than what they would've been during a normal quarter. All of this was adjusted within 2 weeks, which was impressive. She made the course a lot easier for us, and I appreciate that accommodations were made :')

She posted lectures 24 hours in advance to class time, and used class time as office hours for Q&As (super convenient, since this guaranteed that none of us would have a time conflict). Endocrinology is confusing, but her slides were so clear and concise. The topic was really pathway heavy, and all of her chosen images were just *chefs kiss*. So clear. She's also very responsive via email, which is always appreciated.

Online classes are kind of strange, and I know that professors have struggled to change grading schemes / adapt to Zoom / whatever else, but Professor Correa did a wonderful job :-) Would highly recommend !

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