Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Mechanics

Manuel E Villasante

Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Mechanics

Physics department

Manuel E Villasante

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Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted April 3, 2002 Grade Received: N/A

ok .... i took AP Physics in high school and got a 5.. breezed through that class and exam..

Villasante somehow.. made this class unbelievably difficult.. the exam questions are so hard it is ridiculous..
the homework problems and examples he gives in class do not reflect his exam questions.. the first midterm average was in the 30's %
taking this class i expected an A.. B+ at the worse.. he expects us to solve complex problems when he lectures to us just the basic concepts..
not taking anything away from him.. he is a great professor, but his problem is that he gets really boring and u start to fall asleep... besides that, he puts his random definitions on the board that make sense only half of the time..
i ended up with a B- in this class.. i am very upset that i didnt read this before i took him.. do NOT take this Villasante, his exams are way too difficult. Even with a good physics background i struggled to get anything right on his exams.. the class discussions are pointless.. dont bother cuz they're instructed to "guide" students to the solution.. yeah like that works...

Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted March 20, 2002 Grade Received: N/A

There's really not too much more to say about Professor Villasante that most of these reviews don't already cover. I guess the only thing that they failed to mention was that they were modest in their description.

Villasante has got to be the MOST difficult professor. Not only are his tests EXTREMELY difficult (no numbers, all variables), but if you mess up in part a of a question, you WILL BE docked for part b, c, d, etc. I have no idea what he is trying to encourage by this type of policy, but that is the way his grading system works.

Furthermore, his system of grading homeworks is VERY bad as well. When you turn in a homework, don't expect to see it back for at least 2 weeks. Also, expect 3-4 random problems to be graded just like a test.

What do I mean just like a test? Well, the way his graders operate is simply marking that you've missed a problem, telling you how much you got, and that's it. No why, what the correct answer is, or any sort of explanation. You have to go to his website to check his test answers. I'd also like the add that his own solutions to his own test questions (as posted on the website) were incorrect for both midterms that he gave. If that doesn't epitomize how hard his tests are, I don't know what does.

Bottom line - just a rehash of what everyone else said - DO NOT TAKE VILLASANTE.

When you take Villasante, mastery of the material is not good enough; you must be omnipotent in order to do well.

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