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COM HLT M140 Submitted March 9, 2010 Grade Received: N/A

Awesome professor who really cares about her work. She is very passionate about advocating for Asian American Health and her expertise is seen in the class. The class is full of information that she makes sure that you do remember, yet her grading scheme is not very tough so you enjoy coming in to class and listening to what she and her speakers have to say about many issues pertaining to Asian American Health disparities. I truly enjoyed my time in the class and will continue to pursue Public Health. There are speakers that come in for most lectures and it is obvious that the professor chooses only the speakers that have their own experiences and will certainly make a difference by sharing their own expertise with us.
Professor Kagawa-Singer is an awesome professor that truly cares and I would definitely take any class offered by her; the only cons I could think of are that the reader is extremely dense, and expensive but very full of useful information, the class is also filled with reading and a lot of writing but I truly enjoyed the class enough that the writing did not seem like so much because of how much I was into the topics covered.

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