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MGMT 180, taken Summer 2020 Submitted Dec. 2, 2020 Grade Received: A

Professor Francis was kickass. Seriously. The only issue I had was with the textbook, which was a lot of reading. But the lectures covered it so well I wonder if I even needed to read it! The book was also expensive, but there were options available at a quarter of the cost if you did enough searching. The best part about this class was the weekly guest speaker. One week we even had two. The list of guest speakers included: A former NHL franchise owner (who seemed like kind of an ass but was a good resource nonetheless), Patrick Mahomes' (and a bunch of other starting NFL QBs') agent Leigh Steinberg, the director of All American (Netflix), the COO of USA Track and Field, a former GM, ESPN personality, and executive agent, the director of compliance for UCLA athletics, and many more. The class was also extremely accessible, even for a freshman. Anyone who puts in moderate effort can get an A in this class. TAKE THIS CLASS, ESPECIALLY IF YOU WANT TO WORK IN SPORTS.

MGMT 180, taken Summer 2020 Submitted Sept. 8, 2020 Grade Received: N/A

So this class was taught by Mark Francis (who works at Anderson and the Center for MEMES) and John Briginshaw, a finance professor at Berkeley's business school (Haas).

First off, let me say this class is great. It is relatively easy yet very informative in terms of learning the business environment of sports in a holistic way. The course is split into two parts- the first three weeks were taught predominantly by Prof. Briginshaw and revolved around financial and accounting principals (I would compare this part of the course to a summarized version of the first 3 weeks of management 1A). The next three weeks are taught by Mark and revolve around actual Sports Business practices. Each week there is at least one (may I say HIGHLY qualified) guest speaker- this year those speakers ranged from billionaire professional sports team owners, to high-profile athletic directors, to actors and producers, and more. These guest speakers are probably the best part of the course, in my opinion, because the Q&A's Mark runs with them truly shine a light on niche facts, skills, and advice you may need when trying to get into Sports Business. They honestly taught the class a lot of stuff you could not learn any where else.

Sorry for rambling- long story short, very enjoyable, very doable, and VERY helpful class for anyone interested in sports. My only objection is the textbook and course reader price, but I complain about that in every class I take.

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