Introduction to Sport Psychology

Matthew Lieberman

Introduction to Sport Psychology

Psychology department

Matthew Lieberman

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Class taken: ***PSYCH 137G***
I found this class to be very interesting. I came in with a fear of neuroscience, but this class has actually made me interested in it. The topic of social cognitive neuroscience is very innovative and Prof. Lieberman is one of the people who helped develop it. Therefore, he is not only very passionate about this topic, but is also extremely knowledgeable. I also really enjoyed his book (and so will you). His midterm and final are about 45 multiple choice questions (50% of your grade each) and both exams are held in class (the final is not cumulative). Additionally, he offers 1.5% extra credit through 3 studies. One thing that I didn't like about this class is that his slides are not very descriptive. There will be pictures of studies but if you are to study them on your own you will not know what the study is showing unless you have a perfect memory from class or listen to the podcasts. He posts slides after the lecture, so you cannot take notes on them, but even if you were to take notes on them you wouldn't be able to write down everything because there is A LOT of information and by the time you write down one thing you will miss another. If you read the book, however, this shouldn't be a problem because he follows it pretty closely (he wrote it).

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