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ENGL 110T, taken Winter 2021 Submitted March 23, 2021 Grade Received: A-

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT take this course at UCLA with Professor Stephan! She prides herself on making her class extremely difficult to receive an A in. If you check Bruinwalk, none of her ENGL 110T courses have students get an 'A'--just A-'s and a majority of B's. Her grading scale system is flawed as the highest percentage you can get on a homework assignment, yes homework assignment, is 95%. Right from the start, you lose 5% automatically. She does this so that everyone has a B or B+ going into the final paper which is 50% of your grade. She does not return to you a rubric or feedback on the paper just a final class grade on myucla, not even an actual grade for the paper. I took this course because the description described it as a workshop-based course for transfer students to sharpen their analytical skills--dear god was I wrong. Professor Stephan does not provide effective or even valid feedback. All of my assignments had few corrections for grammar and nothing else. You would expect a professor who decides to teach a workshop class would offer more feedback--she doesn't. She simply looks at your paper, reads it once, and comes to a conclusion of what you should get on the paper off the top of her head. She treated us transfer students as second-class students at UCLA. She gave us an entire talk about don't expect an A in this course, even though you're used to getting A's back in community college. As if our community college academia is nothing compared to UCLA. I can proudly say I learned the most about my writing and how to improve it at Community college. Professor Stephan should not be the professor to teach this course at all as she lacks the compassion and guidance to help students succeed. Because this course failed in what it sought out to do for students, I would highly recommend to elsewhere or take a different course instead of enrolling in ENGL 110T.

ENGL 110T, taken Winter 2021 Submitted March 23, 2021 Grade Received: B+

I left this class feeling more confused as to what is expected for "improved" writing. Her assignments were on a check/ plus check basis and I must say it does not prepare you as a writer/ is not at all supplemental for your overall grade as the final is worth 50%. I was excited for this workshop class but it seems this professor flexes on hardly anyone finishing with an A. She never kept an online grade book on myUCLA or CCLE and was bothered when students emailed to ask to see their grades, often failing to answer them at all. I would avoid this instructor at all costs and I would not* take her again. I feel less confident and more shame in writing than when I started.

ENGL 110T, taken Winter 2021 Submitted March 31, 2021 Grade Received: B+

This Professor knows her stuff. This class had engaging material and covered a substantial amount of information on how to spruce up your writing. The grading system is a bit confusing but it is meant for the student to focus on improvement rather than points or percentages. What I really enjoyed about this class was the fruitful discussions that would take place after the readings. The Professor is generous with her office hours so take advantage of them for any clarity you might need.

ENGL 110T, taken Winter 2021 Submitted June 15, 2021 Grade Received: A-

Professor Stephan goes out of her way to choose interesting readings for this class. She even goes out of her way to incorporate new materials (she incorporated Amanda Gorman's inauguration poem, which was very cool) You never feel like you are doing busy work in this class, each reading is meaningful. English 100T is filled with interesting discussions as a class. The atmosphere is always passionate, respectful, and welcoming. I've taken multiple classes with Professor Stephan and I have found her to be flexible, understanding, and empathetic. I recommend her highly!

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