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Overall 3.7
Easiness of class 2.4
Workload 2.4
Not Clear
Clarity of professor 3.4
Not Helpful
Helpfulness of professor 4.1
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PHYSICS 1B, taken Winter 2020 Submitted March 25, 2020 Grade Received: B+

Prof Gutperle is a really cool guy but I don't personally love his teaching style.
Pros: really friendly office hours, really quirky and funny person, easy to talk to, posts lecture notes and lots of online resources, answers quickly on Questionsly (with the help of TAs), his review notes are THE BEST, lots of demonstrations
Cons: lectures move at a confusing pace where it's a bit hard to tell the important stuff from just what he deems interesting, tests are kind of hard (that final was awful), review sessions are not super structured, doesn't really explain why or how equations are derived/generally not a super engaging lecture style in my opinion
I am still glad I took this class with him even though I learned more from using his review notes and going to his office hours (also reading the textbook and doing some kudu questions) than actually attending lecture so the flexibility was kind of nice.

PHYSICS 1B, taken Winter 2020 Submitted April 2, 2020 Grade Received: A

Overall, I really enjoyed Gutperle's class. The workload was definitely manageable (only one homework assignment per week, which was usually ten problems), and the tests were difficult but also usually pretty fair since they are definitely doable if you have a strong grasp of the content. Gutperle does have the tendency to show us a bunch of proofs during class and then tell us that we don't really need to understand any of it, so I think having some more example problems would've been good. He does have us do conceptual Kudu problems during class which are really helpful for understanding thing conceptually, but those aren't really too similar to the homework problems, so having a little more guidance on the computational problems would be nice. Discussion isn't mandatory (I stopped attending after week 3 since I realized that I could just practice the discussion problems on my own, since they're posted), and in general, he's a good professor who clearly knows what he's doing and has some really fun demonstrations as well.

PHYSICS 1B, taken Winter 2020 Submitted March 25, 2020 Grade Received: B+

Very nice guy and professor. I liked him overall but his lectures became confusing as he rushed to cram material.

His online notes are a mess so you must attend lecture and even then it's hard to follow his train of thought.

His first test was reasonable the second midterm and final were a little questionable but I don't think he ended up curving the class. He seems to despise grade-focused people (pre-med students as he repeatedly jokes about in class).

Very friendly in office hours.

Only accommodations made for the coronavirus were a changed grade scheme that made the final worth less.

PHYSICS 1B, taken Winter 2020 Submitted March 26, 2020 Grade Received: C

Professor Gutperle is amazing! I did not do that well on the midterms because my physics background is not strong and I slacked off a lot in his class. However, I improved on the final and Professor Gutperle gave me another chance.

His grading scheme for my class was 20% for each midterm, 3% in class Kudu questions, 12% HW (lowest one dropped), and 45% for the final. Attendance is important because he expects you to do Kudu questions but they are mostly for completion. Also, HW is on Mastering Physics.

He is very nice and approachable! He posts the lecture notes on CCLE before lecture so you have enough time to preview the lectures. Also his notes are very detailed. To do well in his class, he says to read the book, read his notes, practice the discussion questions, and do the homework problems. If you have trouble with concepts, I would recommend watching videos and asking either the TA or Gutperle questions. Also, his demonstrations in class are really cool and made me more interested in physics. He plays classic rock music during the break, which is nice too.

PHYSICS 1B, taken Winter 2019 Submitted Aug. 29, 2019 Grade Received: A

In my opinion, Gutperle is the best of all the 1B professors. Certainly, he is the easiest. Gutperle is a genius whose mind runs 1000mph so he can be hard to follow at times - but, he makes up for it with some really amazing demos!

PHYSICS 1B, taken Winter 2020 Submitted March 26, 2020 Grade Received: A-

I very much agree that the lecture notes are a big mess, but Dr. Gutperle is very open and caring. The lecture is long but quite fun and I feel that the homework is overwhelmingly harder than expected. In my opinion challenging questions on the homework is not needed because they need a lot of time and will not be on the tests at all. Overall, Dr. Gutperle is great and I recommend him to everyone.

PHYSICS 1B, taken Winter 2020 Submitted March 26, 2020 Grade Received: A-

Although physics isn't exactly my favorite subject, Gutperle's daily demonstrations kept me engaged (I doubt I'll ever witness another person blast Billie Eilish on a flaming stovetop again in my life). However, I don't think his derivation heavy style of teaching was very effective, at least for myself. As someone coming in with no prior experience, most of the derivations and assumptions left me either confused or incoherent. Gutperle's midterms and online final were pretty tough, especially the second midterm. Homework was relatively straightforward, albeit on Mastering Physics (possibly the worst online textbook experience I've had). Overall, I'd say that taking 1B with Gutperle was enjoyable just from the demonstrations alone.

PHYSICS 1B, taken Winter 2019 Submitted March 29, 2019 Grade Received: B+

Professor Gutperle is a great lecturer with a sense of humor. I really enjoyed his lectures. He gives weekly homework. Homework questions are fair. Tests are a little bit hard but reasonable. I didn't do well on my final, which cost me an A. Overall, it was a great class. Would recommend taking 1B with him!

PHYSICS 1B, taken Winter 2020 Submitted March 29, 2020 Grade Received: A

Tl;dr Take this professor if you can. He's an overall great teacher, gives engaging[ish] lectures and makes things as straightforward as possible. The exams were reasonable and relatively forgiving for small arithmetic mistakes (and we were allowed a notecard). Although I should mention that (at least when I took it) there were always 3 multiple choice questions that were weighted way to heavily. The class is definitely not an easy class that you can fall asleep in but Gutperle does his best to hold review sessions before midterms and make things fair. Personally I didn't love his teaching style (and it definitely got worse as the class went on) as he sort of just rambled through the topics (though at least he posted his notes), but I learn better from textbooks anyway so I didn't mind it too much.

Course not listed Submitted June 26, 2008 Grade Received: N/A

lets start by saying I suck at physics so the class was hard but this prof. is seriously a must! his lectures are very engaging he is just so cute! His little jeans look like they outgrew him and then his tennis shoes...haha anyways down to the important stuff: midtermI avg: 80% midtermII avg: 43% final avg. 56% I know these seem alarming but his curve was generous. Also, each midterm was 15% and so was the hw! The reading quizes are very easy free points so they are to help you not hurt you. His does have an accent but you can understand everything he says. He is SUPER FUNNY he'll just say things like f*ck as he lectures. Make sure to sit in the first rows in the last couple of lectures to get a good look at the coin shrinking trick.

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