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Calculus of Several Variables See Full Profile

Overall 4.2 Easiness 1.4 Workload 1.4 Clarity 4.0 Helpfulness 4.4

Most Helpful Review

Great lecturer, cares about you learning the material (stops in middle of lecture just to answer your questions and does extra examples if you don't get it after he explains it). He review the material he will test on the lecture before the midterm. Midterms are fair game. He gives 25% of class an A, Not sure about how the rest work.

Suggestion: take him, great prof.

(May 22, 2014)
Analysis See Full Profile

Overall 4.3 Easiness 1.7 Workload 1.4 Clarity 4.4 Helpfulness 4.1

Most Helpful Review

The course was very hard. Some of the exam problems came from Basic Qualifying Exam. Generally, the professor is very good. He showed proofs that were different from the textbook's, which were easier to understand.

(Aug. 2, 2015)
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