Michael Lindstrom

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Easiness 1.6/ 5
Clarity 2.3/ 5
Workload 1.6/ 5
Helpfulness 2.3/ 5
Most Helpful Review
Fall 2019 - Cannot stress this enough: READ THE ENTIRE REVIEW before you take this class. TLDR: DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS. Pros: 1. Pic 10B will be easier for you 2. Helpful in office hours 3. TAs are helpful usually (Swati Sharma was good) Cons: 1. Almost everything 2. Curves according to his mood/preference. You have NO idea about your predicted grade till after the final. A 60% overall can get you an A- or a C+. Depends on him entirely. 3. (!!!) Grade bracket descriptions in his syllabus are COMPLETELY inaccurate (My percentages in HW and on the final were above the "usual" B+ grade bracket. He handed me a C with no explanation) 4. Weekly HWs are on steroids. Extremely challenging after week 3 and take 16h+ 5. Exams are on steroids AND crystal meth. Extremely unnecessarily challenging 6. He is an asshole about any ways to improve your grade 7. Class pace is insanely fast. Very difficult to cope for someone with no prior C++ experience. 8. Syllabus covers MULTIPLE topics from PIC 10B. Far too complex for an intro class. 9. VERY strict about any collaboration in HWs post week 3. Uses complex algorithms to analyze all HWs and identify similarities. If you copy even 50% he WILL KNOW. Gave a "Deferred Report" to 4 students and launched an plagiarism investigation through the Dean's Office 10. Does not give a fuck about you. I submitted a HW file named "query.cpp" and got a 0 on it because he wanted it named "Query.cpp" (YES the upper case Q) 11. If you have a macbook, coding on your laptop is a huge pain. Will need to go to the PIC lab to do all your HWs and it shuts by 6pm. 12. Does not give any practice midterms or finals, so you go into the exams with no clue about the style of questions (and then get fucked lmao) Please do yourself a favor, and do not take this class. There are hundreds of easier PIC 10a classes at UCLA. You might still end up with a A- or an A but I promise you, you will hate your life by the end of it.
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